Green Living – Making The Best Life With Simplicity and Love for Nature

People always dream of living a life that brings contentment and happiness. The main question at hand is, how can such be achieved? In a demanding society, everyone seems to be easily caught up by the influences of commercialism, materialism and the media. What is most neglected? The real value of living simply and sustainably and the environment. This is why we firmly believe that green living is the way to a better life. How can one live green and simple?

  • Keeping money expenses low. (Most important things in life are free anyway, especially in an economy of abundance.) For every monetary unit I spend, I have to earn double or triple that amount for taxes, social security, and other expenses which rise with earnings. By keeping expenditures low, I’m not relying on maximum earnings, which means more time, less stress, more financial security, less inclination to do unpleasant, depressing or immoral jobs. Additionally, I feed less taxes and profits into a system I consider destructive and senseless. (Many SL adherents may not agree on a financially lean state with me.) This actually includes all kinds of green, organic, socially conscious, and local businesses. After all, they work within the system of dependent labor, taxing surplus, and need for growth.* Not being bound by family responsibilities. It’s nice to have good relations to your relatives, but I oppose the idea of being responsible for them. Nobody should be responsible for his parents by default. And for children – prefer a child-free life style.* Keeping material possessions to a minimum. Except for investments or savings which I need to sustain my lifestyle and my freedom from selling my labor, I don’t want to own more than my bicycle(s), clothes, computer, and some data storage. This is, of course, individual. Some people love to collect things, and it’s charming to visit their “museums”. I also have some stuff from former, less rigid times, which can be entertaining.

    * No haste. Occasional haste, sport activities, or a crazy turbulent time is ok, but the basis of life should be abundance, which includes abundance of time.

    * Simplicity might not always come from nature, or simple ideas, it might be derived from complex ideas, sophisticated knowledge, discipline, conscious choices. SL is not necessarily anti-technological, low-tech, or anti-intellectual. “cold” rationality might lead to simple and sustainable results.

    * Choice and reflection is useful. It costs time, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

    * Recycle. Dumpster dive. New stuff is so boring!

Recycle / Reuse

  • * Enjoy your choices.

    * Hug everybody, who quits the rat race! (For free, of course.)

These are just some of the main tips that we can share to you in achieving and living a life that is simple and green. It has to remembered that we are not relying are not relying our joys on things that are transient. A lifestyle that is friendly to the earth gives a sustainable satisfaction.

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